Woodenfoot Cops On The Highway

Produced Scott Litt/ Rolo 1986

Maybe it wont last/ They can say what they want/ You make me feel/ Wheels turning/Stop this car/ Heaven/ What you give out/ Tuesday Wednesday/ In a dream

The 2nd official Album. Working with REM man Scott Litt, who had previously mixed the 'Hypnobeat live' record with Rolo. A very Atari album. Technology was balanced with human interplay. There are some interesting guest musicians, dropping in and getting involved. Lee Scratch Perry, Doug Wimbish(Tackhead), Gary Lucas(Captain Beefhart) June Miles Kingston (Funboy 3) Fred Maher (Scritti Pollitti) Bernie Worrell (Parliament). Mixing took place in New York, as sudio time ran out in London. As there had been little time to write and rehearse, the album was hard to make..with CBS breathing down the band and producers necks. Much experimentation and good performances. Highlights are in some ways the ballads. 808 drum machine and song of "You make me feel" the folk meets science fiction of "Tuesday Wednesday." Much mixing desk tomfoolery on tracks such as Heaven.

Once the record was made, the band improved upon it quickly live.