Well Well Well

Well Well Well / Get it on/ Cold inside....Rough Trade records.1984

Produced Andy Partridge/engineered John Leckie/ remixed Godwin logie. Recorded At Britannia Road studios. Well Well Well was remixed by reggae mixer, the late great Godwin logie. 'Cold inside' becomes another adventure into improvised evil. The bands live set now has become much more ferocious. 'Well well well' becomes so fast live (see hypnobeat live), it becomes a frenzy. Audiences are now beginning to develop mosh pits . Bodies are flying on and off stage . Paul Hookham leaves the band to join the Redskins. Benny Staples meets the band at the remix session. After auditioning a few drummers Rolo hears Benny play and employs him immediately. Ben understands Rolos rythmn ideas and between them pump up even more the speed and synchronicity that is "hypnobeat". Together the two become like a runaway train. The cover was etched into polystyrene by Panni. There is a gold version and a silver.