Early 90's

Woodentops v Bang The Party

Tainted World mp3


Written 1988 recorded/mixed Addis Ababa studios Rolo/Ian Tregoning/ Kid Batchelor/ les Lawrence. A team up betweeen the balaeric and the underground London scene coming from Confusion nightclub.Work started in the heady climate of 1988. A show at the Empire Leicester Square previewed its release. Woodentops played as a 7 piece. Paul Oakenfold. Kid batchelor and lenny Dee rocked the house before Woodentops played. This record played by Tony Humphries kiss Fm NYC. A centerpiece of his early 90's touring set worldwide. He would save it for the 4am witching hours. Benny and Rolo themselves witnessing this at a roadblock full Ministry of sound, in its early days.

Woodentops v lee Scratch Perry

Back To Work mp3

Wooden Foot Cops On The Highway mp3

Recorded 1986. Lee was delivered to the wrong recording studio by a minicab during the bus strike then. Rolo was in the forcourt and recognised him. He tried to help him on his way but invited him to the control room while he waited. He relaxed and started to have fun. He messed around with the backing track that was in production "wheels turning" He took the exsisting lyrics and customised them recording his own version. The second tune, "woodenfootcops on the highway" was written and recorded with Lee, Benny, Rolo , Frank all live, together. The third "back to work" has more of the parts audible but is only a short snippet. These tracks were never completed.


Give It Time Arthur Baker remix mp3

Unreleased vocal remix by Arthur Baker constructed 1985. This is a diferent mix to the dub on Before during After compilation.





Everything Breaks 1992 mp3

Ombooshi Plum mp3


A couple of excerpts from the CND 1992 gig at Londons Town and Country, with Big Audio Dynamite. One of about 10 concerts performed with the larger line up . Simon Mawby, Rolo, Benny Staples, Yovo M'bueke, Skip Macdonald, Murray Gold , June Miles kingston, Debbie (Marcella) French . A film of this line up is viewable on You Tube. Smokin the Empire is the name of the film . It is on the player in the visual page.