Ride A Cloud - New Single

Available from April 20th on all digital streaming services

For now, a digital only release, 12" Remix on the way! the first since 2016! A first outing from the forthcoming new album. We will be following up with a second release soon.

Ride A Cloud is inspired by the ambition of one Mike Massimo. He was fixated by the Hubble Space Telescope and since a young age studied, trained and was finally chosen to be the Astronaut to update the telescope in Space. His dream came true as a result of a public campaign to keep the telescope running beyond its decommissioning. However, whilst doing the job, the first bolt he touched broke and drifted away in zero gravity. Mike was ordered to damage the telescope to be able to access the electronics. After the job was done, Mike was told to stay in space for 12 minutes and enjoy the view!

"You can make your dream come true, but the outcome may not be as you had wished for"

Live shows

  • Islington O2 Academy May 26th
  • The Horn St Albans June 1st